Daum Coral Sea Amber Red Starfish
Daum Coral Sea Amber Red Starfish

Daum Coral Sea Amber Red Starfish

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Imagination and creativity take us to the depths of the coral reefs to explore the incredible richness of the underwater life, inhabited by thousands of animal and plant species, adorned with fascinating colors and extravagant shapes. The creation and know-how of Daum are dedicated to this sublime secret nature, conjuring vases, centerpieces and extraordinary animals, in eclectic forms with subtle mixtures of colors, of which Daum possesses the secret. Precious coral structures frozen in crystal, and animal species in hypnotizing colors inhabiting the seas of the world, emerge from this underwater garden. Each piece in this collection is a unique sculpture, bursting with color in freely expressed shapes. The Coral Sea collection inspires us on a journey without borders. The infinite beauty of the sea is poetically introduced into our living spaces.

Model 05711-1

H: 0.8" L: 4.3" W: 4.3"

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