Daum Magnum Hibiscus Bowl

Daum Magnum Hibiscus Bowl

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Magnum Hibiscus Bowl by Daum

Hibiscus Collection

To honor the year of Korea, Daum has to wish to emphasize this country through it national flower: the Hibiscus. The hibiscus is a flowering plant of the mallow family that contains several hundred species. Cultivated in the Middle East and in Egypt, this plant has been known since the earliest Antiquity. They are introduced in the XIII century in Europe by Spanish, and five centuries later in America.

Used as ornaments or for their fruits edible, this flower was also appreciated for its medicinal properties.

Today this flower remains the national flower of South Korea and the Malaysia.

Bring a summer touch to your life thanks to Daum’s workshop

Limited Edition of 225

H: 8.5’’ L: 16.5’’ W: 11.8’’

17.9 lbs

Model 05511

SKU: DM01629

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